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The Shadows help hide the Vampire, turning them invisible to the uninitiated. In return, it drains the Vampire's stamina if they move. Once a vampires stamina is empty, they will become visible again.


" A useful tip, Rookie: if think you see something moving, shoot"

"Shoot? Shoot what?"

"Just shoot"

Shadow Veil is an Active Skill in Vampyr. This Skill is part is found in the Tactical Skill Line and can be unlocked by spending blood. As skills evolve, there would be two paths in which will have different functions and should be chosen from playstyle accordingly.



Shadow Veil Information

  • 5 Stamina used per second when walking
  • 2.5 Stamina used per second when standing still
  • Toggle: Drain your stamina to fade into the shadows and become invisible to most enemies. Moving in this state will drain more stamina
  • You will exit the shadows if you attack or dodge when your stamina is empty



Shadow Veil Evolution Tree

This Skill can develop into two different versions:

?? - description of change

?? - description of change



Notes & Other Useful Information

  • ????




Active Skills
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