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Some abilities are so powerful that even Vampires fear them. Rage is one of them. The Vampire loses control and unleashes the beast within to do their dirty work. The Beast teleports itself on targets around them, striking with an unfettered fury.  Because of its dark nature, this ability cannot be used too often

"Just release the beast, my friend, it's more satisfying than you think."


Rage is an Active Skill in Vampyr. This Skill is part is found in the Ultimate Skill Line and can be unlocked by spending blood. As skills evolve, there would be two paths in which will have different functions and should be chosen from playstyle accordingly.



Rage Information

  •  You lose control and let the Beast take over for short time. The Beast teleports itself to all enemies around you and strikes them with furious blows.



Notes & Other Useful Information

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Active Skills
Abyss  ♦  Autophagy  ♦  Bloodspear  ♦  Claws  ♦  Shadow Mist  ♦  Shadow Veil  ♦  Spring




    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2018 13:30  

      5 hits in total, if the enemies' number is less than 5, some of the enemies will be hit multiple times, each time deals half damage of last hit. For example, fully-upgraded rage targeting single enemy (same level, no physical resistance) deals 600+300+150+75+37.5=1162.5 damage. Not bad if your level is much higher than your enemies, as the skill can deals massive damage(due to level bonus) and kills the crowd in an instance. Bad choice if your level is not much higher than your enemies. As of first update, this skill DOESN'T receive bonus from shadow veil(haven't tested with second update) despite dealing physical damage. So if you want to deal heavy physical damage to single target, I say go with shadow veil & Claws(down path)/Two-handed Weapon.

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