The Eye was in the Tomb

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The Eye was in the Tomb is a Quest in Vampyr. This page will cover a walkthrough of the quest as well as its rewards and tips. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Reach the Stonebridge cemetery.
  2. Discreetly attend Mary's funeral.
  3. Reach St Mary Church
  4. Meet Edgar Swansea at the Hospital
  5. Talk with Edgar Swansea about the events
  6. Find Sean Hampton at the East End Docks



  • Leave the hospital and head for the cemetery, enter it from the south.
  • After the cutscene, Lady Ashbury will appear and tell you to head towards St. Mary Church to the West of your current location.
  • Once you get to St. Mary's Church, you will speak with the priest there about the death of your sister. After this “confession”, make your way to Dr. Swansea's office back at Pembroke Hospital, meeting with your maker, and McCullen along the way.
  • After Talking with Edgar Swansea about the events, he will tell you that you need to find and confront Sean Hampton, who is believed to murdered Harriet Jones. Head your way to the docks to talk to the residents about finding him.
  • Tom Watts will tell you where to find Sean Hampton, which will update your mission marker. Head down towards that area, clearing out any enemies you find in the hangers on your way.


Tips & Tricks

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